Cheerio Chaps

I’ve made it to London so nice to understand all around me haha. Quite a picturesque place. Spending the day going sightseeing through Camden market then off to follow the Thames so exciting. Also the weather is great nice to escape the heat. Can’t wait to plan my next journey abroad


Wow. Time has flown by and I definitely didn’t keep up with this as much as I had hoped. But I will say my travels through Italy have been wonderful. This is such a beautiful country full of so many fun and interesting people. I have made some great hopefully life long friendships! I hope to return again soon!! Now off to London hope to get in a little sight seeing before yet another flight 🙂


San Felice Circeo

Sorry it’s been a while but here’s an update. Been living the life on the beach of Circeo here in Italia. Its a beautiful place with a bit of a rustic small town feel. It’s the beach so it’s a real relaxed take your time and smell the flowers kind of place. I’m staying in house about 5 minutes from the water with a fun family from my last camp. I’ll be here for a few more days then to Rome then back to the beach until mid August then a new adventure with a new fam then London! What a life!


Oh what a night!!

Another wonderful day at orientation! Did a little singing and dancing and we are even planning a skit for Friday! I’m so excited for what’s in store. Tomorrow we have mini Olympics and some other treats planned, can’t wait.
In addition to a fun day we had a fantastic night. We had a lovely dinner where a flower man through me and a friend free roses. Then we had a dance party at a local bar. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to really dance it was do much fun. And I’m looking forward to karaoke night tomorrow!!




Hellllloooo Italy

It’s the end off second day at orientation and it’s been wonderful. Sanremo is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to with its mountains and beaches all in one. The people are so receptive too if you at least attempt to speak the language.
I am having a blast the days are long and exahausting but a jump in the Mediterranean makes it all better. I’ve met some amazing people and I’m so excited to get into camps.
A summery on what I’ve been up. Arter 3 flights a bus a tram and 2 trains I to got here on Sunday around 4pm. Walked to meet my lovely Roomie who invited me to the beach do I just dropped my bags put on my swim suit and walked the less than 5 minutes to the clearest water ever. After I had my first Italian gelato, and that night I had the opportunity to go have appetizers and meet some of the 140 new tutors and or trainers.
Bright and early Monday morning training began. Orientation is a mixture of camp examples and teaching workshops but it is all in good fun. And they provide pretty good meals to. Tonight i actually had a 5 course taste of Italy meal. This is definitely panning out to be one of the greatest life experiences ever.


And I’m off…

Well it has finally arrived. I am now a graduate from VT and moving on with my life. I have gotten a camp counseling job in Italy for the summer, and I am excited beyond belief. The only thing that makes me nervous is the thought of what am I going to do with my life once I return from my adventure.

The job prospects are looking pretty slim but I have hopes that within my 10 weeks of leave I will people lined up to employ me. Lets just keep the prayers going 🙂